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All-Russian Institute of Plant Protection
3 Podbelsky shosse 
St. Peterburg-Pushkin 
189620, Russia 
Tel./Fax.: 7(812)470-4384


This is VIZR page in English (check  Russian version here) 

General Information

The All-Russian Institute of Plant Protection (VIZR), formerly the All-Union Institute of Plant Protection was founded in 1929. It is a methodological and co-ordination centre for development of fundamental bases of plant protection and principles for designing regional systems of plant protection in Russia. The Institute is a member of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences (RAAS). There are 300 employees at the Institute; 132 hold the Doctorate degree of whom 24 are designated Professors. 


Doctor of Biology, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences 

Programs & Activities

      Currently, the main areas of work at the Institute are: 
- study of the principals of formation of species and race composition of   harmful and useful organisms forming agrobiocenosises of main crops in   different climatic regions of Russia; 

-  study of the effect of abiotic and biotic factors on the seasonal and  long-term population dynamics of main pests; forecast and monitoring  the development of pests,weeds and phytopathogens; 

- study of the influence of antropogenic factor on the microevolution of  pests; 

- mathematical modelling of biocenotic processes and development of  information systems for plant protection; 

- development of new ecologically safe means of plant protection (natural  and  induced immunity, biological and microbiological agents,  low-hazardous pesticides with new mechanisms of action) and testing of   their effect on harmful and useful components of agrobiocenosis; 

- development of systems for integrated pest management (IPM), testing  of  long-term ecological after-effect of their use in agrobiocenosis and  their effect on the environment; 

- development of new technologies of using chemical and biological means  of plant protection increasing their ecological safety  development of system of machines for the application of plant  protection materials. 

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