The main goal of research in laboratory is to improve existing and to develop new methods and technologies of monitoring and forecasting of harmful organisms

Research team with Dr. I. Ya. Grichanov, Dr. M.A. Bulyginskaya, and research worker E.I. Ovsiannikova improves methods of pheromone monitoring of Lepidoptera in orchards

Research team with Dr. A.N. Frolov, Dr. M.A. Chumakov, Dr. M.N. Berim, Dr. T.L. Kuznecova  study regularity of density fluctuation  and population structure of pest insects .

Research team with Dr. E.I. Bogdanova, research workers I.I. Dedkova and N.V.Babich study population dynamic of pest rodents, rodent damage activity under different conditions.  Influence of rodenticide treatments on rodent population structure.

Research team with Dr. V.I. Yakutkin, research workers O.V. Kungurceva and  A.N. Melnikova develops forecasting systems and  phytosanitary monitoring technology for main agricultural diseases

Research team with Dr. M.I. Saulich, Dr. F.A. Karlik improves remote sensing methods of phytosanitary diagnostic and develops computer technologies for  phytosanitary monitoring of small rodents and other pest agricultural objects.